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Prioritizing Rest & Restoration

We believe that retreating for a season in your life and getting alone with God, free from everyday distractions, could make a difference and change your view of your current and future situation. Whether you are in a crisis, need to take some time to rest, are looking for renewed vision, or wondering what is next, a retreat could be what you need.


of pastors under the age of 45 are considering quitting


of pastors 45+ are considering leaving the ministry.


thousand five hundred pastors leave the ministry every month.


of all pastors believe themselves to be healthy in their personal life while serving in ministry

Leaders We've Helped

Going through Abiding reignited a desire for me to spend more time with the Father.

From Ohio

Simply life changing. I do not know what else to say. Without servant warriors my future would look a lot different.

Ministry Leader

I was on my way to transitioning out of ministry until I met Mark and became a part of servant warriors. God used my participation in abiding calls and personal mentorship to renew my calling to ministry and I am excited for the days ahead.

From Michigan

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